Arrive at your wedding in style

To make an unforgettable entrance at your wedding, you need to find the perfect mode of transport to take you there. Whether you love the traditional look of classic cars, or want something a little more modern and with a wow factor, we’ve got you covered with ideas. We have put together a list for you to consider based on your budget, party size, and your wedding theme or style.

Our Golf Buggy

At Merrydale Manor, we offer our guests the use of our golf buggy.  We will collect you from the manor house, the eco-pods, wherever it may be on the grounds that you need, and deliver you to the ceremony room, ready to meet your partner at the aisle.


If you would like to arrive in an extra special way, why not by helicopter? We can arrange for you with our local supplier to hire a helicopter to deliver you to your wedding day. You will fly over the Merrydale Manor grounds, taking in the beautiful view of the Cheshire countryside and landing just by our fountain.


Whether you arrive by a traditional wedding car, a modern sports car, a stylish limousine or even a double decker bus, however you want to arrive, we will assist you to do so. We have a on-site car park available for you and your guests to use on the day.


If you and your partner are motorcyclist or have a love for it, why not roar up to your wedding day. Imagine pulling up to your dream wedding day on your dream Harley Davidson.

Old School Camper Van 

Perhaps you both have a love of camping or road tripping together, why arrive the same way you like to spend time together? Perhaps you’re having a boho, festival themed wedding, why not arrive by camper van to fit in with your theme. This would also be a great photo opportunity for you and your guests throughout the day.

Horsedrawn Carriage 

For a traditional countryside feel, why not arrive by horse? They could rather escort you the small distance from the house to the ceremony room or you could arrange to take a lap around our beautiful Over Peover as a little relaxation before the day.

If you have any questions regarding supplier recommendations for your arrival, please do email us on

September 20th, 2023 | Blog Post, | Testimonial