Bride and Groom Gift Ideas

You’ve planned your wedding, now it’s time to plan your gifts to each other. It is a tradition for the Bride & Groom to exchange gifts on the morning of their wedding, this can either be something for your special day or something sentimental/meaningful for you both. We’ve put together a list of present ideas, from our experience of previous couples gifting to each other.

His & Her Wedding Perfumes

Your Bride & Groom scents will forever remind you of your special day. Your chosen scent might represent a memory or moment for you both; the scent you wore on your first date, the place where you met, the country of your proposal etc ..


A new pair of shoes

There might be a pair of shoes which you have had your eye on for a while and what better timing to buy for eachother than to walk into married life in.

Personalised cards & books

A card filled with sentimental words ahead of meeting each other at the aisle or a book filled with pictures of your memories together, whether this might be from date nights or holidays together. All your special moments will be together to reflect on as you prepare for your special day.


Personalised cuff-links

The perfect addition to complete the Groom’s suit and a touching addition from the Bride. These cufflinks would also be the perfect keepsake and could be worn each year on your anniversary.

A timeless piece of jewellery

Is there a more perfect reason for a timeless piece of jewellery than for your wedding day. You could even make it extra special by engraving the inside of the watch, to say your wedding date and time of ceremony.

A designer Handbag

A statement piece which is a timeless gift for your wedding day. This is something which will last for years to come.


If you have any questions regarding how we can help you deliver these special gifts to eachother, please do email us on or ask us in your next meeting with us.

October 27th, 2023 | Blog Post, | Testimonial