Bridesmaid Proposals

Popping the question to your nearest and dearest? We’ve prepared some ideas for your proposal to your Bridesmaids, plus advice when selecting how many Bridesmaids to have and who will have the important Maid of Honour role.
Bridesmaid Proposals 
1) Bridesmaid Boxes 
Bridesmaid proposal boxes is the most popular way of asking ‘will you be my bridesmaid?’, by putting together a range of gorgeous gifts into a pretty box. From personalised sweet treats to candles and bubbles, there’s a whole host of bridesmaid proposal boxes out there and each and every one is going to get your ‘maids geared up and ready to work that aisle with you.
2) Personalised Bottle of Wine 
Gather your Bridesmaid together or arrange a catch up with each one of them and open a bottle of wine together and cheers as you show them the personalised bottle of wine and pop the important question.
The message can read: ‘Will you be by Bridesmaid, I can’t say I do without you’.
3) Personalised Dessert 
Present your Bridesmaid with a giant cookie which reads ‘Will you be my Bridesmaid’ or alternatively design any of their favourite dessert to ask the question.
4) Personalised Greeting’s Card
Give your Bridesmaid a card, which reads on the front ‘I have something important to ask you’ along with a picture of you both inside & the big question ‘Will you be my Bridesmaid’
(Our recommended supplier @goregousinvites, would be able to assist you for your Bridesmaid proposal card).
5) Ask them at Merrydale Manor 
Booked your wedding at Merrydale Manor, why not book your Bridesmaid in here too? We would be more than happy to assist you in arranging a Bridesmaid proposal on-site if it’s something you would like to.
For example, invite your Bridesmaid to our Open Day, advising them you would like to show them your wedding venue & when here & with the venue all dressed for a wedding, you could choose your photo background & pop the question.
How many Bridesmaid should I have? 

What is the best way, to choose how many of your nearest & dearest you would like by your side on your big day? We’ve popped below some considerations:

  • Size of wedding – Depending on whether you are having a small or big wedding, it might influence your decision on the number of Bridesmaids (& Groomsmen) you have.
  • Budget consideration – Usually the Bride tends to pay for the Bridesmaid dresses, along with gifts for them, accessories and sometimes even their hair and makeup on the day. Make sure you can afford to pay for the amount you wish to have, along with your other wedding budget considerations.
  • Style/Wedding vibe – You might have an idea of how you would like your wedding to look, along with your wedding photos & the number of Bridesmaids (& Groomsmen) you choose to have might be a consideration for that. Are they happy to wear the same style? Would you like an even number of each?
  • Means the most to you – Choose your Bride Squad of the people who mean the most to you, & not who you feel obliged to have. Plus you want them to be reliable and prepared to take on the Bridesmaid role & be there whatever you will need.

How do I select my Maid of Honor? 

Usually the Maid of Honor is a Sister, Cousin or Childhood Best Friend, but maybe you have a few to choose from. Below is some of our top tips for what to consider for your Maid of Honor:

  • Reliable – They will be planning, booking and arranging quite a bit for you, for your hen and any additional wedding tasks. Make sure the person you choose is up to it and prepared to do this for you.
  • Organised – Related to the above, they will want to be organised to do the things above for you.
  • Knows you well – This person will want to know you inside and out, what you like and dislike, your style and personality.

We hope this has helped you with your Bridal Proposal ideas! We can’t wait to hear all about them & meet your Bride Tribe!



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