Indoor Vs Outdoor Weddings

Indoor VS Outdoor Weddings at Merrydale Manor.

Tis’ the season for outdoor weddings.

Did you know at Merrydale Manor, we can also accommodate for you to have your wedding ceremony outside if you wished to do so. This can either be on the back, outside of the Merrydale Suite, or by our lake just across from the Ceremony Suite.

What are the pro’s and con’s for an indoor vs outdoor wedding; we are going to weigh this up for you.

Indoor Pro’s:

Capacity; At Merrydale Manor, we can accommodate for 200 guests indoors, this is in the ceremony suite and also the Merrydale suite for your seated wedding breakfast.

Styling; We have a styling team available to help you create your dream wedding look, whether this be using our drapes, aisle carpets, floral decorations etc .. And the positive of this indoors, you won’t have to worry about your styling options blowing away.

Intimacy; Being Indoors, your wedding will feel more intimate and without any outside distractions of traffic, animals etc & your guests will be able to feel part of your day, without missing important aspects of your day such as the vows.

Indoor Con’s:

Capacity; At the same time as our max capacity is a pro, you might have a wedding bigger than 200 guests which we wouldn’t be able to accommodate indoors.

Outdoor Pro’s:

Countryside Scenery; Our country estate is a picturesque backdrop.  If you love nature and have dreamt of getting married surrounded by greenery, this is the perfect spot for you.

Natural Lighting; We have a great list of recommended photographers, which would create great shots for you in the natural light of our country estate. There would be no worry of the indoor lighting and where it would work best for photos.

Family friendly; We know it can be a task to entertain children and even your guests during your wedding day, however with our option to hire our outdoor games; it would provide the perfect entertainment for them. They are available to hire from £35 each or £90 for all of the games.

Outdoor Con’s:

Weather; although we would hope for a glorious summer, it is the UK and we have to consider the probability of unpredictable weather.  This can put a dampener on the day.

If this is an option you would like to discuss with your event planners, please do get in touch on

June 27th, 2022 | Blog Post, | Testimonial