Keeping Your Guests Happy

Your wedding day is likely to be one of the biggest and most important days of your life, you have most likely spent months or maybe even years preparing for this big day to come, choosing the right Cheshire Wedding Venue and suppliers, so now that it is finally here you should be able to sit back and relax, knowing that your guests are enjoying it just as much as you are.

Here at Merrydale Manor, we have put together a few tips for ensuring that your guests are guaranteed to be happy on your wedding day. These tips aren’t costly and won’t add extra hours or stress to your planning but they should hopefully help you to feel at ease on your big day.

Tip 1 – Give clear instructions

Preparation is key to a smoothly run wedding. Some of your guests might have travelled from a far distance to join you at your Cheshire wedding venue, so it is important you have set out clear directions for them.. you don’t want anyone to be late and miss anything! It might be a good idea to include a map on the back of your wedding invitation or just a few extra directions or landmarks which might help your guests to locate the venue. Here at Merrydale Manor, we will be happy to put out signs outside the venue, such as ‘Tom and Helen’s wedding is this way’ to make it clear to guests where they need to go.

Tip 2 – Prepare for the weather

Here in the UK, we can never be clear on just what the weather will do next. However, if you are planning on having your wedding day during the summer months you might want to set out some garden games or provide some extra outdoor seating for guests so they can sit back and enjoy the sunshine. However, in the case of a rainy day, you could ensure guests are prepared to face the weather with umbrella’s and blankets – this is a particularly good idea if guests are walking from the ceremony room to your wedding reception.

Tip 3 – Consider timings

It is essential that you have considered timings for your big day. Don’t worry too much if a couple of things run over the allocated times but it is useful to have timings as a guideline. Timings will help your wedding coordinator to plan your day as well as ensuring all the suppliers kept in the loop with when they are needed. A good tip to remember for wedding ceremonies and drinks receptions is to keep it short and sweet. Guests can often get fidgety and children can often lose interest during these times and it can be difficult for parents to keep them occupied. Your wedding coordinator and suppliers, such as caterers and photographers, should also be able to advise you on the best times to serve food and take photographs to suit your own individual day.

Tip 4 – Keep children occupied

At Merrydale Manor, we believe it is your entirely your choice if you decide to have children at your wedding but it is best to be prepared for it if that is what you decide to do. A particularly good tip which tends to keep children entertained is to provide a ‘goody bag’ this can be given to any children as their table favour. The goody bag could include things such as games or colouring books which can keep the children preoccupied during times such as speeches when mums and dads want to sit back and listen.

Tip 5 – Finishing touches

Adding a few extra finishing touches which don’t take up too much of your time can be something that guests really appreciate. For example, you could provide a box of flip-flops next to the dance floor for the ladies who feet are hurting after a long day wearing high heels but don’t want to miss out on the party! Also providing a box of essential toiletries in the toilets might be handy for those who couldn’t fit everything into their handbag!

Remember to relax

Although it is your big day and you want everything to be perfect and you are likely to feel anxious, you need to remember that your guests, particularly close family friends will also be feeling the pressure too as they will want everything to run well for you. Now that your special day has arrived it is time to relax, take your time and enjoy it and your guests will do too!

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October 5th, 2017 | Blog Post, | Testimonial