Picture of makeup room

Makeup Room!

Introducing our new makeup room

Here at Merrydale Manor, we are constantly striving for new ways to be one of the best Wedding Venues in Cheshire and beyond. So in addition to all that Merrydale Manor has to offer, we are very excited to introduce our new, bespoke makeup room.

Every lady wants to look and feel like a princess when they walk down the aisle. So that is why here at Merrydale Manor, we have decided to introduce a makeup room for our brides to use as a luxurious space to get ready in for their Wedding day.

Preparation for getting ready for your big day can often be stressful if you’re not prepared. As us ladies know, makeup and hair can be a time-consuming process especially for not only yourself but all your bridal party to get ready too. However here at Merrydale Manor, we are able to help take this stress away from you and we can give you the option to get ready in the comfort of a luxurious bespoke makeup room.

Our makeup room is designed so that not only you, but your entire bridal party can use it at your leisure.

So what does the new Merrydale Manor Makeup Room have to offer?

A stylish space! Like all of Merrydale Manor, our makeup room has been decorated beautifully by one of the best interior designers in the Cheshire area. The room is spacious with enough room for hanging space and it even includes a stylish pink sofa, making it the perfect ‘ladies room’ for you and the rest of your bridal party to relax whilst enjoying getting ready for your special day.

picture of makeup room

picture of makeup room

Mirrors and lighting – The makeup room is fully equipped with the best lighting for making sure your makeup is looking flawless. The makeup room includes an LED makeup mirror light as well as a full-length mirror. It also includes three makeup stations each with mirrors as well as plugs for any hair appliances or other electronics, so you have the option of inviting along your hairstylists as well as your makeup artist.

Tea & Coffee facilities– When getting ready for your wedding day, your likely to be up at the crack of dawn so we have placed a tea and coffee station in the Makeup Room to keep yourself and your Bridal party refreshed whilst you’re getting ready.

The perfect location – Keeping in mind your wedding day is likely to be a long day, of course you may want to do a few touch-ups of your makeup, the makeup room is situated in the perfect position as it is near to the main Merrydale Suite so you won’t be too far from the party if you need to touch up your hair or makeup in order to stay looking glamorous throughout the day and way into the party at night.

We have designed our makeup room with our brides to be in mind and we are sure you will love it just as much as we do. If you want to come visit this Cheshire Wedding Venue and view the makeup room for yourself then please call our team on 01565 724060.

November 29th, 2017 | Blog Post, | Testimonial