Hen & Stags Vs Hags & Stens

We’ve heard of our traditional Hen & Stag’s parties and now there is Hags & Stens, but what exactly are they and happens at one? We’re here to explain.

Hags & Stens are where both sides of the Bride & Grooms wedding party’s have a joint celebration together. The idea is that instead of having a separate hen and stag, you roll both into one, big party where both the Bride’s and the Groom’s friends are welcome.

The pro’s:

Joint memories. The Bride & Groom have memories together of the weekend, rather than separate memories of the stag & hen.  They can discuss this together, laugh about the weekend and bond both sides of the wedding party together before the big day too.

Financial aspects.  This will be more cost effect than planning two separate days/weekends.  Instead of hosting two events, it will just be the one and more effort can then go into the one day.

Guest appeal. If the Bride & Grooms wedding party is a mixed friendship group, then it might be more appealing to your guests to spend the event together.

The con’s:

Agreeing on the plan. The Bride & Groom would have to agree together on what they would like to do for their joint weekend, rather than their individual wants. They would also need to agree on the dates which might be harder for a bigger group.

Guest appeal part two. As much as this is a pro, which we have mentioned, it could go the opposite way and members of the wedding party might not like it each-other or want to spend the event together.

Ideas for Hag’s & Stens:

Group weekend away. This would be our top pick; to book a weekend away, either in the UK countryside or aboard in the sunshine.

Activity Pursuits. Are you a competitive and active group? Then this would be the perfect option for you. A friendly Bride Team Vs Groom Team to break the ice.

Group night out. If a weekend isn’t feasible, what about one big night? Whether this is somewhere close to home or a different UK city. The wedding party will create memories together and laugh about them on the wedding day together.

Would you want to enjoy your ‘last night of freedom’ together or separate? Which will you be choosing for yours? Whichever way, we hope you all have a great Hen & Stag celebrations.

July 25th, 2022 | Blog Post, | Testimonial