Wedding Etiquette: The Do’s and Don’ts

Wedding etiquette can be tricky, but we’re here to help with some advice on the do’s and don’ts and typically what is ‘expected’ at a wedding.

Engagement Etiquette

Let’s start at the beginning, the engagement.
It is traditionally known for the Groom to ask the Bride’s Father permission to marry his Daughter. If it’s not the Father, it might be a GrandFather or even Mother. This gesture shows respect and can mean a lot to the family member to be included in this milestone event.
However, not everyone still carries on this tradition and if unsure, the Groom should use their own judgement of the family relationship, to think what would be expected. 

Social Media Etiquette 

You’ve just got engaged and want to share the news, but wondering when is the right time? Whenever you want! However, you might prefer to personally tell your family and close friends before you post it to everyone else.
On the other hand, family or friends posting your happy news? They should wait until you have announced yourself and then join in celebrating your happy news!
Following on from this, it’s customary to wait for the Bride & Groom to post their first wedding photo, before you post one of them on their special day. Feel free to post of you and the surroundings (unless stated otherwise by the Bride & Groom).

Wedding Cost Etiquette

It used to be tradition for the Father of the Bride, to pay for the wedding, which in some cases, still stands Today, however it is now more common for the costs to be split amongst the couple, with possible contributions from their families. 

Guest List Etiquette

The guestlist can cause a debate when planning for a wedding.  How many guests you would like to invite? Is it only family and close friends, or all friends, work colleagues etc …? Will there be plus one’s?
If you are having a hen or stag, it’s likely that those people would be invited to your wedding. They have celebrated with you before to become Mr & Mrs and would expect to be invited to your wedding.  

Partners and plus one’s, if your family members and friends have been in a long-term relationship and you have met them before and on friendly terms with them, it is likely that they would too be invited to your wedding. However, weddings are expensive, so don’t feel obliged to pay for guests to attend your wedding, who you don’t know.
Friends of your parents, if you have grown up with your parents’ friends and treated them like an extra auntie/uncle, then again it is likely that they would be invited to your wedding. If you have gone down the traditional route of your parents paying for your wedding, then it’s the polite thing to do, to let them invite who they would like to your wedding.
Children, does your guestlist include having children attend your wedding day? This is something you would have to decide on early on, when sending your wedding invitations.  Majority of guests might have at least one child so this would increase your numbers and spend. Simply include them on the invitation if you would like to and this should be clear to your guests whether their child is invited or not. 

Wedding Guest Etiquette 

It is customary not to wear white/ivory attending a wedding, other than that, there are no particular ‘dress code’ as long as it is formal attire.
Arrive early or on time, it is best not to be entering the church/ceremony after the bride or even as she is walking down the aisle.

Post-Wedding Etiquette 

Remember to thank your guests. Usually thank you cards are sent within three months of your wedding.

We hope we have given you some useful tips for wedding etiquette! Remember, every couple is different, it is always best to double check with them if unsure on anything.
Enjoy your wedding!

December 13th, 2022 | Blog Post, | Testimonial