Wedding Table Names .. Merrydale Favourite’s!

One of our favourite things for each one of our weddings, is seeing how our couple puts together their table layouts/names which are special to them.
It’s an important guest element, as it’s one of the main things that they look for on the day. Sometimes couples would use pictures of their guests under where they are seated, or simply use their names. The table names itself, might be places you’ve visited and the guests might come under the place you met them?
We have seen many over the past nearly 7 years, and have put together a list of our favourite idea’s for you to consider when organising for your wedding.
1. Places which you’ve travelled together 
Countries which the couple have visited together is a popular choice. Your guests might have this country in common and you might have social memories in that country which you might also list on the table name, for example; the place you got engaged.
2. Animal Theme 
Another popular choice at Merrydale Manor, is animal themed names. Our accommodation is named after countryside wildlife and some of our couples, choose to use the names of our bedrooms for their tables, for example, ‘The Owl’.
3. Floral Theme 
If you are having a botanical wedding theme, or both have a love of gardening, outdoors; you might choose to have your tables named after your favourite flowers, for example ‘The rose’.
4. Special Dates 
A sentimental option, is to name your tables after special/key events in your relationship, for example, the date you got engaged, the date of your wedding etc ..
5. Special People 
Another sentimental option, is to name your tables after special people in both your lives, whether this is a family member, beloved pet or object. For example, Great Grandma Jean.
6. Star Signs
For some couples/guests, star signs mean a lot when deciding how compatible you are with your other half/friends. Your tables could be named after each star sign. If you wanted to go into detail, you could seat your guests depending on their star sign or which star signs are compatible with which.
7. Your Favourite Hobbies 
Maybe you both have favourite hobbies to do together and they could feature as your table name. If you like hiking together, they could be named after mountains you’ve climbed, for example, Ben Nevis.
8. Favourite Designers
Are you both fashionista’s? Do either of you work in fashion? Is you wedding dress/suit branded? If so, why not name it after your favourite luxury brand.
9. Favourite Colours 
Are you both artistic? Do you have certain colours which make you happy or mean something to you both, for example, did you both arrive to your first date wearing the same colour?
10. Your Favourite Cocktails/Wedding Featured Drinks
Wedding couples sometimes have a cocktail menu for their wedding and this could co-inside with your table names. Each table could be named after the cocktails which you are serving for your wedding breakfast.
11. Your Favourite Food 
Maybe you are both a foodie couple, or if it’s a cultural wedding, have traditional dishes which could feature as your table names. This would add a bit of culture to your wedding and sentimental value for the bride/grooms background.
12. Your Favourite Dessert/Sweet Treats 
Wedding couples sometimes choose to name their tables after their favourite biscuits or favourite desserts. This would also be a good ice breaker amongst your guests as they discuss their favourites.
13. Music Themed 
If you both love music, maybe even attend concerts and festivals together, why not name your tables after your favourite songs? The songs could even more something to you both, whether it’s your first dance song, the song that was playing when you first met etc ..
14. Book Themed 
Perhaps you both have a love of books, or doing a book themed wedding for example, Harry Potter. Each edition could be the name of the tables, or each book by your favourite author.
15. Film Themed 
Do you both love watching films together? Do you have a monthly cinema pass? Why not feature your favourite films as your table names.
16. Favourite Football Team & Players 
We understand football plays a big part in some people’s lives and they follow it closely, it’s not unusual for a full football themed wedding.
17. Months of the Year 
If you are thinking of having 12 tables, you could name each after the months of the year, with the top table being your wedding month.
18. Christmas Themed 
Are you having a wedding in December? Will your wedding be when Merrydale Manor is dressed for Christmas, why not name your tables after festive elements such as Mistletoe.
19. Wedding Pun’s
Why not bring a little humour to your wedding breakfast and play with some wedding puns for your table names. For example, You’re Deer to Me would work well for Merrydale Manor, being a country estate.
20. Your Classic Number’s
It doesn’t need to be fancy and you simply prefer it to be from 1 to 8 (written as either the number or spelt out) and the design could match the decor of the day, for example, white background, black writing.
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